For people who are self motivated and would like some freedom while working, then you can opt to be self-employed like having a small home based business. Self-employment allows you to create your own work schedule, set your own goals and manage your own career growth without dealing with a difficult boss. Although, there are a lot of benefits that one can get by being self-employed, there are also challenging situations that you must deal with. One of them is getting and controlling a health insurance.

The cost of a health insurance can be very expensive especially for people who are just starting a small home based business. Most self-employed would be in a tight budget when building up their business in the market. So before you make a decision on having your own business or being self-employed, include the health insurance cost on your estimated budget.


You can gather information on the internet about the insurance rates, terms of payment, benefits, etc. Make a comparison on what each health insurance companies has to offer. Thus, you can determine the average cost of a health insurance. Because you are only acquiring an individual health insurance, it is very rare that you can get a discounted health insurance policy. Discounted rates are offered to companies that have many employees, meaning that the employer will be getting health insurance policy in bulk.

However, you still need to make a research on health insurance companies that offers a special promotion such as getting a low rate because of your affiliation to a certain organization. Use the internet to locate such information or ask another self-employed person so they can refer you to the right people. Once you know where to get insurance for self-employed, you need to understand the basic policies. It may seem confusing and complicated. Thus, it is important that you know what you want in health insurance so you can select the best insurance company that can provide your needs.

Learn the rules and regulations of a health insurance company so that you know what to do when you need to use your health insurance. Moreover, make a company background check to determine which insurance company has a good reputation and great reviews. You need to make partnership with these companies because it just shows that they can live to their promises.

Now you can properly choose the health insurance company that meet or exceed your needs. But before signing your contract, you can still make some negotiations to have lower premiums with the same coverage. Also, if you wish to have low premiums for Health Insurance Premium and you were a previous employee for a company that provides health insurance, you can just continue the payments made by your employer. Because remember that these are discounted health insurance because they were sold in bulk to your previous employer. Health insurance is a necessity for self-employed. And if you are planning to have your own home-based business, be aware of your options and make thorough research so you can choose the health insurance that is right for you.

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